Letter to BBC North
Letter to the BBC – PRESS RELEASE
July 1, 2024
Letter to BBC North
Letter to the BBC – PRESS RELEASE
July 1, 2024

Lee and team offer their full support to Jason Barnett and join calls for a Public Inquiry into school bullying.

Jason Barnett, a former teacher from Armley who is campaigning against bullying in schools is standing in Rishi Sunak’s Richmond and Northallerton Constituency in the July 4 general election, alongside Lee Taylor and others.

Jason Barnett runs the Safer Schools group, and has spent the past five years calling for new government regulation over the way schools deal with bullying.

Jason has reached out to all candidates, and after understanding the seriousness of the issue and being presented with such compounding evidence, Lee wanted to fully get behind Jason and help him raise this national School Bullying Scandal to the forefront of his campaign and national news.

As Jason mentions during his video interview (below), over 200 children commit suicide each year as a direct result of bullying that goes on in state-run schools.  Government ministers have failed consistently to take action, to investigate and to protect the most vulnerable in society.

This is a national disgrace and needs to be talked about by all politicians across the board.

Public Inquiry Now’ represents a call for an Independent Statutory Public Inquiry made by the ‘Safer Schools’ Campaign group which is made up of over 150 families from the UK and Ireland, that have lost children mainly to suicide or had children suffer serious harm, due to alleged failures to address bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools.

As a former teacher, Jason Barnett leads the campaign under the banner of ‘Fight for the Fatherless‘ and ‘Fight for the Fatherless In Action

Fight for the Fatherless is simply an idea, not an organisation or a charity but a Jesus inspired movement, dedicated to inspire and encourage all children, but especially the orphaned and fatherless.

As a Christian and the founder of that movement, Jason aims to fight and advocate for changes to laws and legislation that will best protect ALL children, through ‘Fight for the Fatherless In Action’. Jason aims to work alongside others and through the power of God, to do what many believe to be impossible, and in doing so, inspire others to stand up for our children and do the impossible too.

Jason Barnett – Founder of ‘Fight for the Fatherless’. 

Do you have issues to raise?

Do you live in the Richmond and Northallerton constituency and would like to raise an issue with Lee?

If you live in Great Ayton, Northallerton, Richmond, or any of the other towns and villages in the constituency and would like to discuss a concern, or have a question for Lee.  Please do get in touch.  He would very much like to hear from you.

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