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"I served for 22 years in the British Army, as a Radar Technician in The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

I was born and grew up in Yorkshire, and have travelled extensively, living abroad on tours of duty during my military service. After I left the army, and with my wife & young family, we came to settle near Catterick, so here in the constituency
Lee Taylor in military uniform and his wife

For those who feel as I do, and believe as I do, that the current parliamentary establishment is no longer fit for purpose, unable to deliver for the people, I ask you to support my campaign to become your local MP.

There will be no wasted vote in this constituency. If the polls are correct we will most likely end up with a Labour government. But you do not need to have a Labour MP in your area. Every vote for me, and for Reform UK, is a vote that will prevent a Labour Party candidate from being elected. Support is collapsing in the Conservative camp and I am humbled that most of this support has been coming my way. I am informed, daily, of new supporters for Reform UK, people who have deserted the Conservative Party, but I am not complacent ~ I need each and every vote if I am to beat both Labour and the Conservatives.

And so I humbly ask all the good people living in the constituency of Richmond and Northallerton to vote for me on July 4th and send me as your ambassador to London to secure great things for this area."

GE 2024

"Labour & the Tories have ignored our voices for TOO LONG.


GE 2024

Campaign news

Voting 'Conservative' in Richmond and Northallerton is a WASTED vote

The Conservative Party is finished.

They are toast.

The blue wall has not just cracked. It is tumbling down at pace.

Sunak is Sunk. Labour are Punks

It is evident we are heading towards a Labour government. Voting Conservative is now a vote for a broken, dishevelled, and fragmented party that will be in tatters after the General Election. They will descend into internal in-fighting and neglect their duties towards the community.

Having a Conservative in Richmond and Northallerton after the General Election while the rest of the country is Labour will mean nothing.

Sunak is SUNK, but don't let the PUNKS in.  Vote REFORM.


Family man, army veteran, campaigner for change

FOR lower taxes

FOR food security

FOR zero tolerance policing

FOR secure borders

FOR protection of NHS


Family man, army veteran, campaigner for change

"I've served my country.  Now I wish to serve my constituency."


GE 2024

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